Candy Selfie

Candy Selfie Mobile Application For Perfect Selfies.

We know you guys are thrilled about taking selfies with your buddies everywhere, every time. So we make something special called “Candy Selfie” to take perfect selfies every time. No matter what kind of device you are using as your smart phone because we support both Android and Apple iOS devices.

If you are someone who love to take selfies this is the best match mobile camera application for you. Because this application know how to do that job perfectly. This application have good collection of makeup effects, filters, picture frames and lot more to work with you to make your selfies looks great.

Candy Selfie Google Play

Take a look at the above screen shot I took from the Google Play store app page. At the time I’m writing this article Candy Selfie itself have more than 6.5 lacks of reviews & counting.

What is Candy Selfie

In simple word Candy Selfie is a top notch application that help peoples to take selfies & easily upload them into popular social medias.

How can I download ?

In the bottom of our website we add both iTunes Store & Google Play Store links to download application for any Android & iOS device.

So we invite all users around the world to try our new application that helps a lot to take selfies in a new way.

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